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1. CỜ LÊ LỰC (Xuất xứ : UK)


  • Controlled screw tightening in the range 100 N·m - 1.500 N·m
  • Industry and vehicle sector (lorries, industrial vehicles), machine maintenance


  • Adjustable torque wrench - with scale
  • 3/4"square drive with integrated ratchet-function or 22 mm spigot-end
  • Suitable for bi-directional tightening on account of push-through square drive
  • Working accuracy: +/- 4% tolerance of the value setting
  • Acc. to DIN EN ISO 6789, traceable to national standards
  • Breaking mechanism as an actuation signal which can be seen and felt and makes over-tightening unlikely
  • Dual scale in N·m and lbf·ft
  • 6 models in the range 100 - 1.500 N·m

2. CỜ LÊ LỰC (Xuất xứ: USA)

  • Wide range from 200 to 3.000 Nm.
  • Precise and constant tightening: setting the proper torque is easy using a fold-away torque adjuster.
  • Thrust bearing for soft calibration purposes.
  • The handle turns freely to prevent accidental slipping of the torque setting.
  • Double signal when the set torque is reached: acoustical click and effort decrease.
  • Wrench re-sets automatically.
  • The sliding through square drive enables to effect right and left tightening.
  • Four scales: Nm, Kgfm, Lbf.in, Lbf.ft.
  • Guaranteed accuracy ± 4% in accordance with EN ISO 6789:2003.
  • Calibration certificate with SIT traceability.

3. CỜ LÊ LỰC (Xuất xứ: Italy/India)

Production Torque Wrenches: These Torque Industrial Wrenches are pre-set with one particular torque for repetitive production applications. the advantages of this type torque wrench is to prevent the tampering of torque setting during assembly and to save considerable time.

4. CỜ LÊ LỰC (Xuất xứ: Germany)

  • Classified to DIN EN ISO 6789:2003 Type II Class A, with a factory certificate. Working accuracy: +/- 3% tolerance of scale set torque. The specification of the standard (+/- 4%) is exceeded.
  • Lightweight and robust (as housing is made of an aluminium alloy), very workshop-friendly
  • No inaccuracies whether used with both hands or held away from the handle (as for standard torque wrenches) Both the square drive and fulcrum are on an axis which ensures a high degree of user safety; can be extended to reduce the user's working load.
  • Extremely low wear attributable to reduced forces in a unique lever mechanism
  • Forged lever chain from our own quality forge
  • Maximum precision even when subjected to extreme continuous use
  • Long life cycles and tool lives
  • Easy operation - fast and safe torque tightening
  • Easy adjustment thanks to attractive adjusting button secured against loss at the end of the handle
  • Single- and double-square drive for controlled bi-directional tightening

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